Happy Birthday/Anniversary


  November 2: Elizabeth Bufkin, David Alan Johnson, Kay Rockett, Lucy Randolph Johnson, Peggy Gathings, Jack Trimm, Fowler Cooper, Jack Higbie, Max McDaniel, Betsy Ditto, Suzie Paynter, Marietta Lee, Lucy Perry, Ashleigh Washington, Jeff Callender. November 3: Jerome Smith, Don Roberts, Gene Reeves, Ellen Nichols, Nell Green, Minnie Wood, Reed Hogan III, Guy Mitchell, Mike Garner, Amanda Brock, John T. Murphy, Catherine Scallan, Earl Derrington. November 4: Polly Ann Tomlinson, Judith Mosal Cotty, Betty Sample, Maribeth Hooker, Courtney Allen, Barry Howard, Marty Hitt, Josh Manchester, Sabrina Walker. November 5: Claudine McKibben, Thomas W. Landrum, Kim Myers, Matt Guidry, Jay Powell, Stacy Lofton, Karen West. November 6: Jeanie Inkster, Jack R. Jones Jr., Russ McKinney, C.E. Brooks, Mary Katherine Ulmer, Laura Schmelzer, Matt Clark, Ryan Guillory, Fannie White. November 7: Mark Boackle, Alicia Hayes, Dan Murff, Johnny Wooldridge, Nick Lymberis, Lloyd Sessums, William Griffin, Grayson Alexander Rogers. November 8: Andy Sweat, Bill Watkins, Rod Winstead, Eddie Maloney, Mamie Young, Charles McFadden, Lola Martin, David Jones.



   November 3: Christine and David Lott. November 6: Jim and Eula Stanley. November 7: Walter and Annette Redden, Auvergne and Margaret Williams III. November 8: Scott and Jennifer Lippiatt, Keith and Kay Winstead.


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1. She took her first ceramics class at seven years old at Pickenpaugh Pottery. 2. She and her father got their black belts in Tae Kwon Do together.