HAPPY BIRTHDAY/happy anniversary


   November 9: Kathy Thibodeaux, Bill Rader, Bob Grenfell, Margot Nicholas, Ashley McDonald, Dorothy Screws. November 10: Bob Drummond, James Brown, Rosemary B. Hitt, Kim Herring, Christy Lee, Stephen Mills, Grady Schaffer, Muriel Jones, Brittany Pippin, Millie Judith Morse. November 11: Michael Traylor, Harriet Griffiths, Charlie Tomlinson, W.T. Kimbrough, Lowri Lucas, Jonathan Tingle, Michele Leary. November 12: Teresa Fountain, Mrs. Frank Lowery, Ricky Hegwood, Robbie Landrum, Kellie Mitchel, Mike Lowe, Thomas Allen Rogers, Suzanne Callahan. November 13: David Nicholas, Mickey Fischer, Mrs. Charles E. Daniels, Bobbye Henley, Carol Bailey, Stefanie Black, Mary Alice Traxler, Cathy Bowles. November 14: Ann Bevalaque, Tricia Scott, Stephanie McGee, Wendy Barnes, Wesley Freeman, Tom Pope, Mrs. H.S. Amsler, Brent Chaney. November 15: Floyd Mobley Jr., E.J. McDill, Hyde Stewart, Jamal Clark, Tom Kossen, Michael Rutter, Mary Kathryn Paynter, Rodney Ponder, Harris Bell.



   November 10: Mr. and Mrs. Harold McDiarmid, Tom and Rachel Ryan. November 11: Cotton and Angela Smith. November 14: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hegwood. November 15: Harris and Karen Bell.

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1. She took her first ceramics class at seven years old at Pickenpaugh Pottery. 2. She and her father got their black belts in Tae Kwon Do together.