HAPPY BIRTHDAY/happy anniversary


   December 28: Dr. Mark H. Kennedy, Frankie Whitehead, Trey Woodruff, Jo Anne Welsh, Benton E. Cain, Wallace Ivy, Jo Hollman, Jack Root, Donna McCommon, Brock Maples, Janice Jackson, Katie Graf, Benjamin Barron, Teri Jordan, Kemal Sanli. December 29: Teddy Avara, Frank Buchanan III, Sarah Lutz, Georgia Keith, Clonzo May. December 30: Arthur E. Wiselogel III, Caroline Monsour, Noah Switzer, Hall Ratcliffe, J. Walter Michel III, Leigh Patterson, Amy Perry, Betty Washington, Griffin Callender. December 31: Joe Harris, Bob Ridgway, Nicholas Clark, Glenda Cox, Melanie Rutter, Laura Raulston, Caroline Boyd, Dale Frazier, Marie Goolsby, Brenda Difatta. January 1: Kaye Passons, Bill Kirby, Susannah Hodges, Louise Hutchison Stephens, Pamela Thompson Luttrell, Wesley Chandler, Ike Morris. January 2: Hilda G. Holmes, Karen Robertson, Lindsay Venditti, Tom Quaka, Steve Kinsley, Hugh Langley, Margaret West, Pat Decker, Karen A. Evans, Sandee McPherson. January 3: Libby Sollek, George H. Brunson, Myra Hester, Ellen McGraw Chaney, Marcia Ball.


    December 28: Bob and Naomi Ridgway. December 29: Phillip and Terri Galloway, Gary and Becky Conley. December 30: Steve and Paula Hand. December 31: Jack and Ernestine Wertz, Marcia and Raymond Ball, January 2: Alan and Tricia Walters.

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1. She took her first ceramics class at seven years old at Pickenpaugh Pottery. 2. She and her father got their black belts in Tae Kwon Do together.