Special Days


February 22: Lisa Taylor, Judy Hand, Louise Reese, Stephen Giddens, Travis Perkins. February 23: Ed Werkheiser, February 24: Erin Elizabeth Brannon, Ken Christy, Mary Davis, Natalie Strong, Demarre Jones. February 25: Scott Johnson, Mary Bratton Guest, Wilson Carroll, Erwin Caffey, Cole Smith, Gale Stuart, Woodie McDuffie. February 26: Karen Caldwell, Corky Meredith, Trudy Lipscomb, Randy Bledsoe, Steve Champlin, Bonnie Alford, David Waide, Bill Morris. February 27: Allan Purvis, Gary McDonald, Dr. Kenneth Pittman, Bennett F. Taylor, Alison Toney, Don West, Peyton Poe. February 28: Marion Spencer, Rachael Lewis, Nicki Venditti, Virgil Payne, Mrs. Barney L. Davis III, Lloyd Sweatt, Freddie Ussery, Albert T. Jones, Tyler Tait, Ethan VanSice. February 29: Summer Cappaert, Marcee Carty, Lowe Thompson, Mrs. Carl H. Sikes.



February 24: Clint and Misti Sims, Kemal and Tessy Sanli. February 25: Joe and Hilma McDonald, Leslie and Warren Kennedy. February 26: David and Pam Toney, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Lipscomb.


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We are fortunate to attend a small church with a tight-knit congregation. Our children’s committee hosts a baby shower for each expectant family in our church and invites the entire congregation.