Special Days


March 29: Jonathan Case Slay, John H. Slay, J.P. Lacy, Jordan Blackburn, Mary Ann Fontaine, Molly Gowan, Cyrus Manning, William Thompson, George Williams, Richard Anding, Elizabeth May. March 30: Rachel Ravenstein, Joan Kunsch, Elizabeth May Hays, Pat Henley, Rachel McFalls, Charlotte Paul, Benton Dorsey. March 31: Tom Bowen, Mrs. David Hewitt, Sally Caffery, Charles Hooker, Jim Lifer, Sam Westover, Ricky Cole, David W. Crews II, Gerald Maley, Andrew Griffin, Jack Staples, Inge Magee, Joanne Welborn, Robert Davis, Melissa Skelton, Elizabeth Sikes. April 1: Buddy Brannon, Beth Butler, Linda Cooper, John  Patten Trotter, Emily Stacy, May Belle Stovall, Sam P. Piazza. April 2: Charlene Winstead, Rob Whitley, Gail Hunt, Alvin Meyer, Kelley Stevens, Frances Freeman, LaVine Rogers, David B. Moore. April 3: Jennifer Warren Hewitt, E.J. Fisher, Jeanne Michel, Sandy Ray Meredith, Denise Blackwell Jones, Julie Greer, Andre Howard, Helen Siegal Petersen. April 4: Rebekah Leigh Sumrall, Leigh Aden, Smith Jenkins, Billy Nelson, Jim Borthwick, Linda McGehee.



March 30: Robert and Melanie Henry. April 4: James and Ruth Shumaker.


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1. He has been married for 21 years to his high school sweetheart. 2. He and his wife have four children.