Subject area awards

Jackson Prep freshmen earning Subject Area Awards are (from left, back) Wayne Hsieh, Coding Award; Chambers Malouf, French II Award; Jeffrey Jordan, Latin II Award; (third row) Owen Abney, Honors Biology Award; Jack Harvey, Latin I Award; Ethan Batol, Biology Award; Barnes Lowry, Spanish I Award; Jay Fountain, Band Award; (second row) Ellyn Waits, Mississippi Studies Award; Emma Rose, Honors Geometry Award; Mary Robinson Coco, Honors English Award; Grace Greenwood, Algebra I Award; Havens Smith, Ancient World Cultures Award; (front) Rachel Regan, Showchoir Award; Rose Hsieh, Foundations of Art Award; Isabella Hicks, Spanish II Award; Caroline Huff, Graphic Design Award; Anna Voynik, French I Award. Not Pictured:  Allee Hadden, English Award.

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