Hospital price transparency

As of January 1, hospitals were required by the federal government to publish their prices online. The idea behind the mandate was a good one: Consumers could save money - and in the process help restrain health-care costs - by being able to shop around.

Teacher pay raises

A Mississippi House committee this week passed a bill that would raise teacher pay by $500 for each of the next two school years.

If the proposal becomes law, the starting pay for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree would increase by $1,000, to $35,390 in 2020.

Administrative forfeiture

It was inevitable that the battle over administrative forfeiture would end up with the law enforcement lobby threatening legislators with “whose side are you on, us or the drug dealers?” For decades, this threat has scared legislators into giving law enforcement whatever they want, in this case, permission to confiscate private property without

More, better, faster

Northside’s C Spire has moved one step closer to bringing high speed fiber optic bandwidth speeds to Mississippi’s governmental infrastructure, especially schools and universities. Hinds County Chancery Judge Denise Owens rejected another attempt by AT&T to derail the award of the new state contract for voice and data services to C Spire.

Grad inflation

The Mississippi Department of Education just published a 79-page document breaking down nearly every aspect of the state’s graduation rate. Rates by district, by students with disabilities, by race and gender, it’s all in there — with one notable exception.

Say no to secrecy

If there is a state agency in Mississippi that should be required to be more transparent, not less, it’s the Department of Corrections.

Yet, Pelicia Hall, the head of that agency, was asking a panel of lawmakers recently to relieve MDOC of some of the requirements of the state Public Records Act.

Déjà vu all over again


On January 15, 2016, the Mississippi River at Vicksburg reached 50 feet — seven feet above flood stage. It was the highest January crest since 1879 when Congress put the Mississippi River Commission (MRC) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) in charge of flood control. A freak January flood.



The University of Mississippi recently released the Fall 2018 Dean’s List. Students must earn a semester GPA of 3.50 to 3.74 to be listed on the Dean’s List.