Madison County continues to enjoy steady growth; ranks in the top five


Madison County has seen steady growth for the last several consecutive years, according to county tax assessor Norman Cannady Jr.

This year is no different as evidenced by the 2019 preliminary tax roll. The county saw an increase of approximately $340 million in true value.

Cannady said that Madison County continues to be a leader in growth in the state.

“The county has seen growth of 2.5 percent, with an approximate $340 million increase in true value,” Cannady said. “The total true value for the county is now nearly $13 billion.”

New construction alone has added close to $25 million of assessed value for the county. More than 3,300 new homestead applications were processed by Cannady’s office between January 1 and April 1.

The total real and personal property parcel count for Madison County is now just under 59,000. This is an increase of 640 from last year.

The county’s personal property growth rate is 3.1 percent.

“I’m very pleased with the stability of Madison County’s growth,” Cannady said. “Madison County is ranked in the top five in the state.”

This year also saw 650 new residential homes in the county, which is 50 less than last year. However, Cannady said the numbers fluctuate some from year to year.

Cannady touted the county’s leadership, services and school district as being the driving forces behind the area’s growth.

“Madison County continues to see steady growth year after year,” Cannady said. “The hard work of our leadership, law enforcement, fire protection and our school serves to encourage the residential, commercial and industrial development that allows Madison County to flourish.”

“The county has continued to see steady growth for several years,” he added.

Cannady presented the 2019 preliminary tax roll at the recent meeting of the board of supervisors.

The board moved to accept the tax roll and set the date to hear protests as August 5.

Preliminary tax rolls are printed and made available for inspection in the meeting room of the board of supervisors as well as on the county website and public terminals in the county building.

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