Ridgeland dogs escape law enforcement; hide out at Jackson Country Club


They weren’t going back to the pen. Instead, they were making a mad dash to the country club.

Two dogs’ refusal to go quietly with a Ridgeland animal control officer stirred up quite a bit of controversy recently on the Northside.

In fact, a witness to the incident reported that Ridgeland police were releasing the dogs into one of the capital city’s nicest areas - along Old Canton Road near the Country Club of Jackson.

Ridgeland officials, though, said nothing could be further from the truth.

As for the dogs, they were still on the loose at press time.

Although the canines couldn’t be reached for comment, nor could they be understood if they were contacted, it is this paper’s opinion that they had no intention of going back to doggy jail.

On Saturday, January 26, a Ridgeland animal control officer responded to a neighborhood on Mule Jail Road, after being called about two strays roaming the area.

The dogs, what appeared to be a chow mix and a bull terrier, fled south after spotting the officer, forcing the officer to give chase.

In an effort to chase down and corral the dogs, the officer crossed into Jackson and pulled over, just in time for the canines to run past the vehicle, raising the ire of at least one witness.

In the confusion, one vigilant Northsider thought the officer had actually released the dogs and called 911.

“As soon as the officer (parked the vehicle), he ran to the tailgate, opened the tailgate, opened the kennels and grabbed the catch pole,” said Lt. Tony Willridge, commander over Ridgeland’s patrol division. “The witness saw him do that and a couple of seconds later sees the dogs running.

“I can almost guarantee you that’s what happened.”


The incident occurred around 9 a.m. Ridgeland police were contacted and the sergeant on duty investigated the case.

Willridge himself received several phone calls and also looked into the matter. Ridgeland officers reviewed video surveillance from the Country Club, which supported claims the animals had not been released. 

“He parked his truck, the dogs ran by and a resident saw the dogs run by,” he said. “Our officer never had physical custody of the dogs at any time.”




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