Act of kindness from a stranger was a first


It was Friday the 13th. How often does that occur during the year? Friday the 13th was mentioned on the early morning radio program or I would not have realized that this was the day that is filled with superstition for so many people.

After finishing my early morning routine I was off to a wonderful breakfast that is served each day at the Bond Home. While sitting at the table, I noticed a copy of the July activities and saw that this was the day for a bus trip to Walmart for a shopping spree. This sounded like a good idea since I needed a few items and this is an easy way to shop. We are given 1½ hours to shop before the bus picks us up and brings us back to the Bond Home.

All who were interested boarded the bus for the trip which only took a few minutes. Once at the store, the bus emptied and folks scattered in every direction.

Since I only had a short list, I found each item quickly and spent the rest of the time just ambling around the store, getting a little exercise and just looking around. As the hour got closer to our 11 am departure time, I began heading for the checkout counter. I placed my items on the counter and reached for my wallet. Suddenly I realized that I didn’t have my wallet. In fact, I didn’t have anything in my pockets – not even a handkerchief. I felt goofy.. I had never walked out of the house before without my wallet and my ID. What a crazy feeling. I had to tell the checkout clerk that I did not have my wallet so I would not be purchasing those items. After replacing them in the basket, I pushed the basket aside and got out of line. My mind had gone blank.

Just inside the front door there is a waiting area and that’s where I headed to wait for the bus. Before I had a chance to sit down, a kind lady brought me a sack containing the shopping items I had pushed aside. This kind lady said “These are yours and they are paid for.” She had been standing behind me in line and had seen my dilemma. Again my mind went out of gear. The only thing I could think to say was “Thank you kindly.” I was at a loss for words. Our Lord and Savior commands that we love our neighbor as ourselves and this kind lady had done just that.

I had been told by people who are in the know that there is a first time for just about everything. This act of kindness was a first time for me and it taught me a lesson. I shall return the favor in a like manner and soon.

The news that we hear and see on TV is bad news – shootings, arson, murder, death from vehicle wrecks – there’s just no end to it. I congratulate a local TV station for only reporting good news on the last few minutes of their newscast. I wish there was more good news for the public to hear from both radio and TV.

Please read I Corinthians 14:1-4.

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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1. She took her first ceramics class at seven years old at Pickenpaugh Pottery. 2. She and her father got their black belts in Tae Kwon Do together.