In just a blink, a perfect gift and a mystery


There is a delicious breakfast served at the Bond Home each and every morning. First the coffee is out early and there is a demand for a good hot cup of coffee. Coffee is placed on a table in the dining room. You can easily solve the coffee satisfaction by pouring your own. Breakfast is served on a tray, for the ones who are handicapped. Then a signal is given for all others to quickly form a line into the kitchen.

The breakfast tray is loaded. A large serving of grits or oatmeal take up the center section of the plate. Eggs are always next to the grits. Two slices of toast usually cover the bacon or sausage. Jelly is there to cover the toast.

Small packs of pepper and butter are standard at each beginning meal. There will be a glass of water, orange juice and milk; Milk to drink and milk for the cereal. The second rounds of hot black coffee are available.

After enjoying breakfast, I get up, push the chair in the proper place. Then, routinely, I go to my room.

A few days ago, as I was walking up the hall, a most unusual incident happened. A day has passed that the Lord has made for us. A lady, possibly a visitor, slipped up next to me, while walking up the long hall. We spoke to each other. The lady was carrying a small white package. In a jiffy, she gave this white package to me. The white package contained an electric clock, a different kind of clock. The clock not only tells the time of day, but also tells the day of the week, plus the month and the year at the bottom. After saying thanks, words were frozen in my mouth! I had never seen this lady, and I had my eyes and my mind on the clock. She disappears!

I have always known that Mississippi is the Hospitality State. A perfect example had been performed at the blink of an eye!

I will always be thankful for the clock. I shall always be dumbfounded by the way I received the clock. This beautiful clock is on display in my room and is a mystery I cannot solve.

"The worth of your salvation is inestimable, far greater than all of earth's fortunes, past and present and future."


Please read John 3:3.

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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1. He drove a blue ‘77 Chevy Nova in high school. 2. He played on Jackson Prep’s 1985 and 1986 state championship basketball teams.