Mayor Mary and Jim have big hearts


I wish you could have been present at the Bond Home for lunch on June 2. It was a special day and lunch was served a bit early. Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler and her husband Jim were not only present, but were there to serve us our lunch. No doubt, they were the best looking serving staff couple I have ever seen.

Mayor Mary was decked out in a light silver-blue outfit and she was quite striking in her high-heeled shoes. She dashed in and out of the kitchen picking up trays of food and placing them gracefully in front of each hungry person. She moved from table to table, speaking to each person and making eye contact. Her beautiful smile reflected her pleasure and the residents of the Bond Home showed their appreciation with their gracious “Thank you.”

She stopped by my table and took a few moments to visit. I had to kid her saying: “If worse comes to worse, you can always get a job as a server in a five-star restaurant.” We all had a laugh. Mayor Mary agreed with her million-dollar smile.

We must not ignore Jim, the mayor’s husband. He rushed into the dining room and immediately took off his jacket and went to work. Following the mayor into the kitchen, he grabbed trays of food and placed them on the tables in front of the hungry residents. He did a great job of serving. Suddenly he saw his former sixth-grade teacher sitting at one of the tables having lunch. He broke loose from his job and took a seat by this friend to renew old acquaintances. I think Jim must have gotten an “F” in deportment in the sixth-grade and he was trying to make up for it that day. The “F” was a joke that Jim and I shared.

After lunch, Jim rested while Mary did the clean-up work. She cleaned and polished the tables as well as mopping the floor. She gets an “A+” for leaving the area shining. Jim said he did the mayor’s manual labor projects at home, like cutting down trees.


The Mayor and Jim were guest “servers” to honor long-time friend Lucille Nichols, top executive at The Bond Home, and her daughter Anne. Mrs. Nichols’ daughter, Anne Thompson, also an executive at The Bond Home, had lost her devoted husband, Mike, and the funeral was to be held at Natchez Trace Funeral Home at the time we usually have lunch. Our lunch time was moved up to an earlier hour so that the Nichols and Thompson family could have lunch at The Bond Home after the funeral. Mary and Jim volunteered to serve our lunch at the earlier time to show their love and devotion to the Nichols and Thompson families.

Mayor Mary and Jim are real people with big loving hearts. We hope they come back to see us under different circumstances.

May a warm ray of sunshine peek through your window today.

Please read and memorize John 19:6.

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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