Solar gains traction

The Delta will be getting its second large-scale solar panel electricity power plant, according to Entergy, one of the state’s largest regulated power companies. Entergy provides electricity to 449,000 customers in 45 counties.

Delta promise

Mississippi is one of nine states that lost population last year, although the loss was only a tenth of 1 percent. Continuing population declines in the Delta have been a big factor. Last month, a glimmer of hope emerged when a California outsourcing company with Indian roots, People Shores, announced plans to hire 200 people in Clarksdale.

Jail makes addiction worse


We are spending millions of dollars keeping people addicted to drugs in the criminal justice system. We could be using that money to restore them to their families and communities through evidence-based treatment. As a therapist, I’ve counseled many people struggling to overcome addiction.

It’s all about the stock


It is January and our Mississippi temperatures are finally dropping (a little). I start craving soup when it’s chilly outside. After the first leaves fall, I get out my crockpot and start making soup. It is my comfort food of choice! Give me a bowl of soup, add in some bread or crackers, and I consider it a perfect winter meal.

Immigrant criminality

Reasonable people can disagree on how serious a problem illegal immigration is in the United States.

With an estimated 11 million people having either sneaked into the country or overstayed their visas, they could be straining some social services and taking some jobs away from U.S. citizens.



Kindergarteners (from left) Jaycee Baker, Paylor Jordan, Lucy Hines, Hart Noblitt and Carter Haralson recently dressed for their hundredth day of school at Jackson Academy.